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Eureka Coffee & Fastfood Shop

Eureka Coffee & Fastfood Shop

04 Thuy Khue Street, Hanoi.


Tel: (04) 665 86 393 - 090 434 1221

Hotline: 090 4341221

Nowadays young people and office workers have a new place to hang out and get together. That is Eureka Coffee & Fastfood shop. A floating house having a beautiful view of Ho Tay is designed in such a modern, decent style by its owner – the architect Tran Quang Hung. Visiting the shop, you can sit yourself in the house with soft wood or cushion. Even in the outer space, you can stay  on a bridge or on the second floor with rattan chairs sheltered under red umbrellas. Catching an eye on the lake, especially from where the shop is located, you can see sunset on the summer afternoon.

Diversified menu includes many drinks wiith the special flavors such as Red Sun Orange, three-storey milk orange with strawberry flavor, syrup yoghurt . Besides fast food in Western style like grilled salmon, grilled Australian Beef  or office lunch dishes are available to be ordered.

As a matter of fact, the shop was opened on Valentine day which has made a great impression on customers. Not only that, the airy space, good service style, beverages and free gifts for couples in love should be taken into consideration. On the International Women Day of this year, many special programs and promotions will be planned and aimed for famale in general, with charge reducing by 10% to 20%. Sushi added to the menu, popular in the country of sunrise will be advised to housewives on how to make at home.

Other accompanied services as home: delivery of lunch, dinner dishes, banquet tables booked for party, organization of birthday party, meeting, offline meeting and rental venue for events promise to guarantee all customers’ satisfaction.

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